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Design & Craftsmanship – Helios Global
What makes Helios Global?

Inspired by the spirit and lives of men, we always strive to intricately and authentically portray those images in each product.

With over 8 years of experience in producing accessories for men, we commit that 100% of our products are crafted by skilled artisan craftsmen. Each product is imbued with our full dedication and meticulous care.


Exploring aspects surrounding men, Helios Global seeks an iconic image with a strong connection to their stories.


Based on the main icon, the design team begins sketching the initial images on paper. The stylized lines need to accurately convey the essence of the idea, also reflecting the distinctive hallmark that only Helios Global possesses.

3D Model

From the hand-drawn sketch, the digital design team creates a 3D model with the assistance of graphic design software. This model is then 3D printed using liquid wax-like material, specialized for metal casting. The wax print serves as the original mold for crafting.

Silver Workshop

At the closed manufacturing workshop, Helios Global craftsmen carry out the process of creating molds from wax. Using high-quality S925 silver, it is melted and poured into the molds to form silver bars, with each branch corresponding to a product. Once the silver bars are obtained, each branch is separated and undergoes grinding, polishing, and blackening processes.

The entire process is meticulously and carefully executed by the skilled hands of craftsmen. Therefore, each product is unique, ensuring there are no identical duplicates.

Finished Product

When the production process is completed, the quality department conducts thorough inspections and evaluations of each product, ensuring both visual appeal and practical usability.

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