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Top 4 Distinct Qualities of Sterling Silver Jewelry – Helios Global

Top 4 Distinct Qualities of Sterling Silver Jewelry

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Are you looking to upgrade your favorite jewelry? Or are you wondering what qualities to search for in new jewelry?

Sterling silver jewelry is a staple of many different looks. Whether you're going out on the town or grabbing drinks with friends. Sterling silver can transform your entire look. 

If you want to get the best bang for your buck, you'll need to know exactly what qualities of sterling silver to look for. Follow these tips to find sterling silver jewelry and style your best looks yet. Now invite you to see the article by Helios sharing about "Top 4 Distinct Qualities of Sterling Silver Jewelry".


Since sterling silver jewelry has a small amount of copper in it, it tarnishes more quickly than fine silver. When sterling silver tarnishes, it will begin to turn black or brown. This happens even more quickly in humid or tropical conditions. 

To get rid of tarnish, use a jewelry cleaner specifically for sterling silver. Once you've washed away the tarnish, your silver will lay underneath, unblemished. The tarnish lays on top of the silver, so your jewelry will be back to beautiful in no time!

To prevent rusting and damage to your sterling silver jewelry, take it off when showering or swimming. Keep your jewelry as dry as possible for long-lasting results. 

To prevent corrosion to your jewelry, keep your fingers off of it. Oils and grease from hands, cooking, or other tasks can wear away at your jewelry. 

You may also want to store your sterling silver away from other types of jewelry to prevent rubbing. When your pieces rub together, they can tarnish the softer silver. 


One huge plus to sterling silver is that it is hypoallergenic! This means that you can wear your favorite pieces every day and the chances of having an allergic reaction are very low. 

This is due to the fact that many people react to the nickel in jewelry. Sterling silver, though, only being comprised of silver and copper, contains a much lower chance of containing nickel.


Though sterling silver is a soft metal, the addition of copper strengthens the mixture. This means that sterling silver is extremely versatile. 

Jewelers make sterling silver jewelry in all types of forms and designs. From necklaces to bracelets, to earrings, sterling silver is a great choice. You can also find each of these with elaborate designs and variations. 

Since sterling silver has a high shine, it pairs well alone as accents to your outfits. You can pair similar styles of different pieces together and they coordinate perfectly. 

Or, if you want to mix things up, find sterling silver paired with your favorite gems. Embedded diamonds and gemstones will instantly spice up your outfit without going over the top. Or, choose pearls for a classic and elegant look. 

Another benefit of silver is that because it's easily molded, your jewelry can be resized in minutes. At many jewelers, you can drop your rings off and have them resized within an hour. 


Sterling silver has an iconic shine. This characteristic is intrinsic and is procured by the metal. 

But, if you want your jewelry to be tarnish-resistant, coat your pieces in rhodium. This platinum metal ensures that your silver won't tarnish or corrode while keeping its signature shine. 


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