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About Us – Helios Global

About Us

Our Story

Helios Global LTD is managed by Helios. Founded on August 8, 2016, Helios is a fashion accessory brand founded by people who have a passion for jewelry, love the creations with the desire to bring the that extends to the world.

"STANDARD - UNIQUE" - Two exactly words to describe Helios 


With the spirit of “jewelry enthusiasts”, we always fight with ourselves every day to bring the most committed product and service experiences to our customers.
Each ring, pendant, bracelet at Helios is made from S925 silver, hand-engraved by the hands of master silversmiths.


Unlike many other brands, our crafting inspiration is derived from everything around, but has been designed and upgraded to produce UNIQUE - NEW - COOL, that you can not find anywhere else

The Star of Helios

In Greek mythology, Helios is the way to call the Sun - the representative star of immortality, a symbol of eternity. With that concept, combined with the desire of the whole team to be unique masterpieces reaching out to the world, we put together a common item under the name "HELIOS".
Just like the sun's rays can reach every corner of the earth, we bravely face the challenges of fashion school to reach more places, quality products reach out to the world.


128, City Road, London, EC1V 2NX, UNITED KINGDOM


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