Helios Global - Who are we?

Founded in 2016, Helios Global is a fashion accessory brand that delivers the most unique and distinctive handmade creations. Beyond just accompanying men on their journey of exploration and showcasing personal style, Helios Global consistently endeavors to promote the transmission of a powerful spirit, honoring the valuable qualities of men.

Strong! Bold! Unique!

These are the core principles that Helios Global always aims for and embodies in each product. Drawing inspiration from stories surrounding men's lives, we craft unique artworks, bearing our own distinct mark and unmatchable anywhere else.

What makes Helios Global?

Inspired by the spirit and lives of men, we always strive to intricately and authentically portray those images in each product.

With over 8 years of experience in producing accessories for men, we commit that 100% of our products are crafted by skilled artisan craftsmen. Each product is imbued with our full dedication and meticulous care.

What Helios Global always aims for?

Driven by a passion for artisanal jewelry, Helios Global continually listens and improves itself day by day, thereby providing customers with a STANDARD experience, service, and product commitment.

Unlike many brands in the market, we draw inspiration from all aspects of life, combining them with bold thinking to create unique products that embody strength and coolness.

Our vision for the next 5 years

With the core purpose of delivering the best values ​​to customers, we will undoubtedly maintain the spirit of Helios Global as meticulously handcrafted products, created by skilled artisans.

In addition, we also aspire to accompany men on their journey to building personal style and exploring the interesting aspects of life.

Masculine and powerful

Bold and unique

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