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A 70th birthday is a big one! Taking 70 trips around the sun is no mean feat and it certainly deserves to be commemorated. That’s why our 70th birthday gift ideas celebrate the person, pamper them, or are both thoughtful and practical.

At age 70, most people have retired from work. They may have spent their time pottering around the house, cultivating active social lives, or enjoying their various hobbies. Of course, this can make it difficult to find the perfect gift. After all, after 70 years, they probably don’t have too many needs when it comes to ‘stuff’!

To help you out with your gift buying woes, we’ve put together a selection of thoughtful, practical and funny gift ideas. These 70th birthday presents will make anyone turning 70 feel special.

What Do You Get A Man For His 70th Birthday?

By the time a man turns 70, he’s seen and experienced a great deal. For many men, a large part of their lives meant balancing fatherhood and a career.

When choosing 70th birthday gifts for men, the first thought of many people is to pamper and spoil them; and we don’t disagree with this! Whether that’s done with luxurious chocolates, a morning spent at a high-end spa, or a weekend break characterized by sheer indulgence, he’s sure to appreciate it. Even going the traditional route gives you the chance to really show him how much he means to you. The traditional gift for 70th anniversaries of all kinds is platinum, one of the most expensive metals on earth.

Unique 70th Birthday Gifts For Him

1. A Decadent Tea

If you are looking for 70th birthday gifts for men that offer pure indulgence, why not consider treating him to an afternoon tea or a high tea? Many well-appointed venues in the countryside offer traditional teas. This will give him a reason to get all dressed up, and the chance to enjoy traditional and modern teatime treats in a beautiful setting.

2. Jewellery

If you have your heart set on getting him a traditional 70th birthday present that is truly worthy, consider an item of jewelry. A set of simple necklace, a ring engraved with a personal message, or a bracelet featuring her star sign or inlaid with his birthstone is likely to dazzle him.

If you want something a little different about your older man's jewelry, check out our website:

3. Indulgent Spa Package

Many men are happy to be pampered on their special day. If that’s what he wants, a 70th birthday present that he is sure to appreciate is a trip to one of the best local spas. Most spas offer packages designed for special occasions.

Different packages include different treatments, so you can choose from facials, manicures, full-body massages, ever-popular pedicures, seaweed wraps, Dead Sea mud and minerals, hot stones, and aromatherapy.

4. Craft Or Art Supplies

If he enjoys creativity in other ways, consider getting him a pack of art or craft supplies. For example, if he enjoys painting with oils, buy her a set of oils and brushes. If she enjoys scrapbooking, buy him a scrapbook and a selection of embellishments.

5. Luxury Getaway

If you’re looking for 70th birthday gift ideas that offer luxury in a different setting, consider a few days away. Look into packages that offer wine tasting tours in France, California’s Napa Valley, or on South Africa’s wine route. Alternatively, you can consider glamping in Kenya or Italy, or spending time on a tea plantation hotel in Sri Lanka.

6. 70th Birthday Fountain Pen

A pen to younger folk may seem like an unusual inexpensive gift. But for the older generations, a pen represents so much more. Bringing a sense of nostalgia, a fountain pen will bring back memories of his younger school days full of inky fingers and smudged exercise books. Encourage his creativity by pairing his platinum fountain pen with a leather-bound journal. He can jot down his memories of a bygone era and pass it onto the next generation of successful men.

7. Gentleman's Pampering

A busy, active life can take its toll on the body, and that is bound to be felt by the age of 70. Give the birthday boy something that offers a bit of comfort in the form of a massage or a traditionally-executed classic wet shave. A proper shave at a barbershop is an experience all its own and a relaxing way to achieve a refined, clean appearance. He’ll walk out of there looking and feeling like a 20-year old, never mind having just turned 70!

At age 70, most men have retired and are trying to stay physically and mentally active. After spending half a century or more in the working world, their later years give them a chance to try out new things and to deepen their interests. They also have the chance to indulge in their hobbies, spend quality time with friends and family, and to enjoy rest and relaxation.

Our suggestions for 70th birthday gifts for men include options that will put a spring in his step, and those that offer a bit of indulgence. We’ve also included ideas that prove you’re never too old for new highlights in your life, as well as those that are downright practical for older people who may have difficulties with mobility or in other areas.

We haven’t forgotten about the traditional association of platinum with 70 years, so we have included a few suggestions suitable for men too.

As you can see, there are so many more 70th birthday gift ideas than tea, cake and sausage rolls!

Even if you don’t use any of our suggestions, let them inspire creative ideas of your own. The 70-year-old in your life has seen, heard, and experienced so much, and they have a great deal of wisdom to offer. Celebrate them and their lives with a gift that makes them feel honored, appreciated and loved.

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