Men's Earring Do's and Don'ts: Ultimate Guide

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Men's earrings have become an increasingly popular fashion accessory over the years. However, just like any other accessory, there are certain do's and don'ts that every man should know when it comes to wearing earrings. This article will provide a comprehensive guide to men's earring fashion do's and don'ts, covering everything from selecting the right style and size to proper care and maintenance.

1. DO'S

Choose the Right Earring Style

The first step to pulling off a great earring look is choosing the right style for your face and personal style. It’s important that earrings match skin tone and face shape. Skin tone clashes with some colors, so unless you want to draw attention for the wrong reasons, take a look below:

  • Fair skin: Silver or white gold looks great on fair skin, but avoid rose gold as it brings out the pink in your skin.
  • Pale skin: Have milky skin? Steer clear of yellow golds and stick to white or silver.
  • Olive skin: Olive skin looks great with pretty much any color.
  • Dark skin: Yellow gold looks vibrant and eye-catching against dark tones. Silvers and white golds work too, but yellow will be your best friend.

Face shape also has a role in earring selection:

  • Oblong face – Round earrings
  • Heart-shaped face – Straight earrings without curves (like a barbell or a taper)
  • Square face – Round or curved earrings
  • Round face – Square earrings

Some popular earring styles for men include studs, hoops, and dangle earrings. A good rule of thumb is to keep it simple and understated for a more classic look or experiment with more daring styles for a trendier look.

Consider the Size and Placement of Your Earring

The size and placement of your earring are also essential factors to consider. Large and heavy earrings may not be suitable for everyone, and they may cause discomfort or irritation. For a more subtle look, choose a smaller earring, and consider the placement of the piercing for optimal comfort and style.

Some people prefer getting their earlobes pierced while others get their cartilage pierced. If you're not sure which location is best for you, you can try out both and see which one you like better.


Lobe Piercing: If you are a newbie looking for a simple piercing option, then the ear lobe would be a good place to start with. It is straightforward, easy to heal, and the most beginner-friendly. 

Transverse Lobe Piercing: The transverse piercing is ideal for people with larger ear lobes. It is placed perpendicular across the ear lobe, so it visually packs a punch, but it takes longer to heal. 

Industrial Piercing: If you want to get something unique, then industrial piercing might be the ideal choice for you. It is placed higher than the transverse lobe, extending from the top of your ear to the back of your ear. Industrial piercing is relatively larger than lobe piercing, which makes it perfect for people who have big earlobes and people who are into cartilage piercings.

Cartilage Piercing: Cartilage piercings are the trendy piercings that you can easily spot people wearing. But before you decide to get your own cartilage pierced, you have to know that it takes longer to heal and you will have to deal with more pain than usual.

Orbital Piercing: Placed typically in the ear lobe, orbital piercings look stylish with its iconic, one-piece jewelry connecting two piercings in a seamless fashion.

Coordinate Your Earrings with Your Outfit

One of the most important things to remember when wearing earrings is to coordinate them with your outfit. The outfit is the ice cream and the accessories are the cherries on top. Yes, you can have more than one cherry. Choose an earring style and color that compliments your clothing and overall style. A good rule of thumb is to choose a metal that matches your watch or other jewelry.

When to wear men’s earrings

Although it’s your personal choice to wear earrings or not, it’s still a good idea to tailor your look according to where you are going. Wearing hoops to a board meeting, for example, may raise eyebrows. Thus, in such cases, you may want to consider the professional requirements and workplace etiquette.

If you face customers all day or have an interview, be careful how you dress up. Sure, it’s the inside that counts. But appearances, too, affect the opinions others have about us. That doesn’t mean you should stop being yourself. It only means you should put thought into how you carry yourself.


Overdo It with Too Many Earrings

Wearing too many earrings can quickly become overwhelming and distracting. For a more polished and streamlined look, it's best to stick with one or two earrings at most. This will allow your earrings to stand out without becoming the sole focus of your outfit.

Wear Tacky or Cheap-Looking Earrings

Cheap and tacky-looking earrings can quickly detract from your overall appearance. Invest in a quality pair of earrings that are well-made and constructed from quality materials. This will not only look better, but it will also last longer and be more comfortable to wear.

Neglect Proper Earring Care and Maintenance

One of the worst things you can do while wearing earrings is not taking care of them. This includes not cleaning them regularly and not storing them properly when you're not wearing them. Doing this will cause your earrings to become dull and discolored, and they will also start to collect dirt and bacteria. Not only is this unsightly, but it can also lead to infections or other problems. Proper care and maintenance are essential for maintaining the look and longevity of your earrings. This includes cleaning your earrings regularly with mild soap and water, avoiding contact with harsh chemicals, and storing them in a safe place when not in use.

Men's earrings can be a fantastic way to add some personality and style to your look. However, to pull off a great earring look, it's important to follow certain do's and don'ts. Choose the right style and size for your face and personal style, coordinate your earrings with your outfit, and avoid wearing too many or tacky-looking earrings. Proper care and maintenance are also crucial for maintaining the look and longevity of your earrings. By following these tips, you can wear your earrings with confidence and style.

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