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Men's Ear Piercing Guide: HOT Styles – Helios Global

Men's Ear Piercing Guide: HOT Styles

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"Piercings are another form of self-expression and individuality, and like tattoos and are now equally considered when it comes to men’s personal style." In recent years, men's ear piercing has gained popularity, and the trend continues to grow.  Stepping up your jewelry game with a piercing might seem daunting at first but with a little expertise it can be an easy and rewarding experience. With that in mind, below, we will explore the latest trends in men's ear piercing, including popular jewelry styles and placement choices. We will also discuss the cultural significance of ear piercing in different societies.

1. The best men’s earrings

For the first couple of months (depending on the type of piercing) you’ll have to stick to simple pieces like studs and sleepers while you heal. But once the healing is complete you’re ready to explore any kind of earring that you like. 

Studs are one of the most classic earring styles but come in more shapes and sizes than you can possibly imagine. Gold, silver, black, square, round, rectangular, Gucci logos – honestly anything you can think of. With studs you can be as loud or as quiet as you like. 

Hoops are equally as malleable to your personal style, coming in various metals, sizes, thickness and even variations on the classic shape. You can even throw some diamonds in there if you’re feeling fancy.

And speaking of diamonds, gemstones and pearls are another element of jewelry that’s becoming increasingly popular with guys. Pearl necklaces are going to be big in 2023 so why not take that same energy and channel it into a pair of pearl earrings. It worked for Harry Styles who’s singular pearl drop earring at the 2019 Met Gala had everyone gushing. As for diamonds, well you only need to ask almost any rapper ever about the flex they’ll add to your look.

2. The Trends in Men's Ear Piercing

The trend of men's ear piercing has come a long way since the traditional single lobe piercing. Today, men are experimenting with various ear piercing styles.

The placement of men's ear piercing is just as crucial as the jewelry style. There are numerous ear piercing placements available and they range in popularity, healing time, costs to upkeep and jewelry versatility. Before deciding on your next placement, discover the top ear piercing options to consider and your guide on everything to know about each one.

Standard Lobe Piercing

The standard lobe placement is most individuals’ first piercing. These piercings arguably rate the lowest on the pain scale compared to other common placements. Because there is no cartilage on the earlobe, these piercings will heal fairly quickly – within approximately six to eight weeks after your session. This lobe piercing is incredibly versatile and is simple to maintain.

Upper Lobe Piercing

An upper lobe piercing serves as a stylish addition to your standard lobe placement. Like the standard lobe, upper lobe holes should rank relatively low on the pain scale and have a short healing time of approximately six to ten weeks. The healing process should be similar to that of your standard lobe. However, the general rule is that the higher up an ear piercing is, the longer before it heals.

Upper lobe piercings are a common second placement choice and allow you to achieve an embellished double lobe look. You can get an additional third lobe piercing, too, to expand your styling options.

Helix Piercing

Otherwise known as a cartilage piercing, a standard helix placement sits on the upper side of your outer ear. A helix placement generally refers to any piercing in this outer upper region. A double or triple helix (two to three holes in this area) offer a concentrated and layered look.

Helix piercings typically hurt more than a lobe piercing but are relatively moderate compared to other non-lobe placements. A helix piercing takes approximately three to six months to fully heal. During this time, you should avoid changing the earring and refrain from sleeping on the side of the piercing to avoid any irritation or infection.

Forward Helix Piercing

This placement refers to the piercing(s) on the outer cartilage area that is front-facing and located right above the tragus. With these helix piercings, you’re able to get more than a single hole done during your session –allowing you to try out a double or triple front helix placement.

Like a standard helix piercing, forward helix placements likely will feel moderate to high on the pain scale – depending on your personal tolerance. They take approximately three to nine months to heal.

These placements are often dressed up with stud earrings for an effortlessly cool and practical look.

Flat Piercing

A flat piercing is located on the inner cartilage on the top of your ear, in between a helix and rook placement. While they are gaining popularity, flat piercings are still one of the more unconventional cartilage placements and provide an unexpected edgy look to your curated ear.

Daith Piercing

Placed right above your ear canal, daith piercings are located on the small cartilage flap on your inner ear. Aside from their stylish appearance, they are commonly thought to provide relief for those who suffer from regular migraines. Currently, all evidence of these claims is anecdotal and scientists are still awaiting studies to confirm these findings. For centuries, acupuncturists have regarded the daith area as a vital pressure point and could help to support these personal success stories. Regardless, this piercing adds a cool, contemporary look to your ear party.

Daith placements are considered to be moderate to high on the pain scale. However, this pain typically has a different sensation from a helix piercing and offers a duller rather than sharp sensation during the procedure. Daith piercings tend to heal within three to nine months.

3. Cultural Significance of Ear Piercing

Ear piercing has cultural significance in various societies around the world. For example, in ancient Egypt, earrings were worn as a sign of wealth and status. In India, ear piercing is a common practice among both men and women, with various cultural and religious beliefs associated with it. In some Native American cultures, ear piercing is a rite of passage for boys, and the style and placement of the earrings have specific meanings. In the Western world, men's ear piercing has evolved from a symbol of rebellion to a fashion statement.

Enjoy building up your ear piercings! Remember, it's all about personal preference and what makes you feel confident and stylish.
Start browsing the earring selection here at Helios Global, where we have earrings for all shapes, sizes, and budgets! If you keep these things in mind as you shop around, you’re bound to find a pair of earrings that will suit perfectly!


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