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Characteristics of Gemstones

Gemstones have attracted humankind since ancient times, and have long been used for jewelry. The prime requisite for a gem is that it must be beautiful. The beauty may lie in colour or lack of colour; in the latter case, extreme limpidity and “fire” may provide the attraction. Iridescence, opalescence, asterism (the exhibition of a star-shaped figure in reflected light), chatoyance (the exhibition of a changeable lustre and a narrow, undulating band of white light), pattern, and lustre are other features that may make a gemstone beautiful. A gem must also be durable, if the stone is to retain the polish applied to it and withstand the wear and tear of constant handling.

In addition to their use as jewelry, gems were regarded by many civilizations as miraculous and endowed with mysterious powers. Different stones were endowed with different and sometimes overlapping attributes; the diamond, for instance, was thought to give its wearer strength in battle and to protect him against ghosts and magic. Vestiges of such beliefs persist in the modern practice of wearing a birthstone.

A selection of natural gemstones set in handcrafted artisan made settings

Gothic Malachite - Malachite Stone

The ring is made of malachite stone, which has a vibrant green color that symbolizes the vivid green of nature in full bloom. Green is not only the color of money; it is also the color of personal progress and spiritual prosperity. Malachite symbolizes wisdom, the advancement of material wealth, and spiritual treasures that can be found in the depths of the heart.

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Gothic Amazonite Ring

Amazonite is known as the "Stone of Hope". According to legend,  the warriors of the tribe used this stone to protect them when going to battle to strengthen solidarity and protect each other.

This ring represents to Helios more than simply a ring; it also subtly contains the source of energy that the universe transmits to us through the stone. View product details in the collection: 

Gothic Lapis Lazuli Ring

Lapis Lazuli stone is also known as Thien Thanh Stone. In Egypt, Lapis Lazuli gemstone was revered as the stone of saints from heaven. Dreaming about Lapis Lazuli stone is a strong prediction of faithful love. A Lapis stone on your desk will aid in mental clarity. Additionally, because it is a typical representation of the Water  in the five elements, this stone is also known as the stone of "a lot of water." The piece "Gothic Lapis Lazuli" was created especially for “Wood” customers who need "Water". View product details in the collection: 

Gothic Red Jasper Ring

Jasper is also known by many as Red Jade. To everyone who connects with this stone, it makes sense to bring patience and knowledge. Jasper Stone is really good for health, giving the wearer a sense of optimism as well as comfort and reassurance and escaping the fear. Gothic Red Jasper Ring is  the perfect work for those of Fire and Earth. View product details in the collection: 

Gothic Onyx Ring - The mystical and magical beauty

It is no coincidence that Onyx is considered by experts to be the most perfect product of mother nature. With the mystical and magical beauty as well as great use for human health, Onyx stone really conquers natural stone lovers who have a sophisticated aesthetic. The use of Onyx stone has been known since ancient times, when ancient people often used Onyx stone in worship rituals and traditional treatments. They believe that the Onyx stone has a life of its own, helping to protect them from conflicts and risks. This is also the inseparable object of the ancient warriors, with the belief that the stone will keep them safe during all battles. View product details in the collection: 


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