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The AMAZON Collection - "Unleash Your Hidden Power" – Helios Global

The AMAZON Collection - "Unleash Your Hidden Power"

Table Of Contents

Helios Global - the fashion accessory brand, brings unique silver craftsmanship meticulously crafted by skilled hands, has recently launched its first major collection of the year 2023 on June 16th.

1. "Masterpiece" comes from "mystery"

Helios Global introduces its first and largest silver jewelry collection of 2023, themed "AMAZON," inspired by the survival journey in the lush Amazon jungle - the Earth's green lung.

Behind its majestic and pristine, the Amazon conceals the most unexpected and terrifying dangers in the world. Amidst the sacred forest, poisonous water, the endless series of harshness will push humanity to the limits of endurance.

The AMAZON collection symbolizes awakening the hidden courage to confront the harshness of the sky, the earth, and nature. By embracing our own resilience and sharp edges, we can confidently rise and overcome any adversity.

2. The story behind each piece of jewelry 

The Amazon Collection includes 15 meticulously designed products.

2.1. Silver Spider Earrings - PHONEUTRIA EARRING

Phoneutria - the wandering spider of the Amazon rainforest. In Greek, its name means "murderer," enough to show the aggression and danger of this creature.

After thousands of years of living in harsh conditions, threatened by numerous larger species, Phoneutria has developed the most potent venom in the natural world. A bite can knock down an enemy within seconds.

Phoneutria also represents each of us in the present moment. A version that has overcome many hardships in the past, so it is thorny and not easily defeated by adversity.

2.2. Silver Leaf Earrings - NATIVE EARRING

Native - Strength and Opportunity.

Inspired by the poisonous leaves of the Amazon rainforest, the Native silver earrings evoke the significance of selection and finding opportunities even in the most challenging situations. Just like the leaves selectively absorb nutrients and detoxify from the environment, humans can stand strong against the storms of life.

Crafted from S925 silver, Native combines the beauty of sharp edges with the hidden strength of leaves. With raised vein details, it represents the resilient spirit of those courageous individuals who dare to confront nature head-on.

2.3. Silver Roots Ring - ROOT GREEN RING

Roots Green evokes the imagery of colossal roots emerging from the ground, a sight exclusive to the thousand-year-old jungle of South America.

The roots stick firmly, both protecting and nourishing the trunk to grow up day by day. Symbolizing the inner strength of a man, silently accumulating and growing over the years. It is in the most difficult moments, that strength will keep us steady, step by step through the fluctuations in life.

2.4. Silver Vine Ring - LIANAS RING

In contrast to the tough S925 silver material, the Lianas ring takes the shape of a soft tropical forest vines. Not as sturdy as an old tree trunk, but vines still become become dangerous traps, capable of tightly binding and impeding escaping targets.

Each of us possesses our own unique advantages and potential, which are unlike anyone else's. When we know, understand, and maximize our strengths, we will never be overcome by adversity. 

2.5. Silver Goat Pendant - GOAT PENDANT 

In the battle for survival, goats are constantly pursued by wild animals and humans. However, their sharp minds and decisive actions have become impenetrable weapons, enabling them to defy all threats.

The Goat necklace combines the image of a goat's head with the deadly spears of indigenous tribes. It symbolizes unwavering strength and sharp intelligence, two qualities that a man must hold steadfastly in the face of adversity.

2.6.Silver Fang-shaped Earring - Fang Earring 

The Fang Earring carries a fierce beauty, like a challenge to the surrounding world.
Every time the fangs are revealed, they exude a fighting spirit that makes enemies fearful and cautious in the face of the indomitable will of the mighty beast.

In crucial moments, the courage of a person is shown through a small sign, but it strongly affirms their unwavering determination without any hesitation.

2.7. Silver Vulture Skull Earring - Ancient Earring 

Without hiding or camouflage, vultures slowly observes patiently from above, watching until humans become exhausted and collapse. Between the two sides unfolds a relentless battle of willpower, endurance, and unwavering determination that serves as the key to its resolution.

The Ancient Earrings are shaped like a vulture skull, adorned with intricate engravings reminiscent of the marks left behind after a fierce fight. It stands as a testament to the resilience of human beings, a strength that enables them to triumph over a formidable adversary like the vulture.

2.8. Silver Crocodile Bracelet - CAIMAN BLACK BRACELET

In the midst of the Amazon, where the desire for survival burns, Caiman crocodile emerges as a symbol of vigilance, alertness and readiness.

During sleep, they close one eye, while the other remains open, attentively monitoring every subtle movement in their surroundings. That watchful gaze is precisely what humans need to possess. To see and understand clearly, to remain vigilant against countless imminent dangers, and to proactively face the impending challenges ahead.

2.9. Silver Crocodile Ring - CAIMAN BLACK RING

Hiding under the water, the Caiman crocodile moves silently like a powerful underwater wave. When the space became quiet, only the breathing and heartbeat of the prey remained. Seizing the perfect opportunity, it strikes swiftly, swiftly bringing down its prey in the blink of an eye.

Recreating the hunting process of the Caiman, Helios Global crafted a unique ring for the Amazon collection. With a message that conquerors always face everything with a calm mindset, patiently waiting for the right moment to unleash their inner strength and dominate the situation.

2.10. Waterfall Pendant - KAIETEUR PENDANT

Kaieteur, the highest waterfall in South America, serves as the inspiration for our next creative endeavor, giving rise to the Kaieteur necklace.

Featuring a prominent Turquoise centerpiece, one side depicting the cascading waterfall and the other side portraying the lush foliage, all symbolizing the powerful flow at the peak of the towering falls.

In that place, there are no mighty crashing waves or thunderous sounds at the base of the waterfall. There is only a sense of serenity, yet with undeniable strength, reminiscent of the calm demeanor of a composed man.

2.11. Silver Eagle Ring - ANDES RING

Powerful and proud, the free-flying eagle soars across the Andes mountains, dominating the skies of the Amazon.
With its unique position, it fears no airborne danger. Always proudly spread its wings and ready to raise its sharp claws to defend the territory. This imagery is captured in the Andes ring, symbolizing self-assuredness in one's own abilities.

After enduring numerous upheavals in the past, each of us has now become a version strong enough, resilient enough, and ready to embrace any challenges from life.


Utilizing its enormous body, the Sucuri python instills a haunting terror in all species in the region. With its agile movements, its substantial weight does not hinder it as many would assume.
On the contrary, that is the very factor that inflicts the most damage, allowing the Sucuri to control its targets, enhancing its power to constrict and swiftly eliminate opponents.

The Sucuri pendant, with its image of a curved and flexible body, serves as a constant reminder to humans of the adaptability in life, empowering them to unleash their strengths even in restrictive conditions.


In the South American region, Sucuri is actually the native name for the Anaconda python.

Possessing the largest size of the snake species, they can easily attack and swallow large and robust prey, including humans. The Couple Sucuri earrings are based on the image of a two-headed snake with a flexible and curved body.
They represent the ability to adapt to any treacherous terrain, to adapt to the harsh living environment without faltering.


The Angelim tree is the tallest ancient tree in the Amazon rainforest, reaching heights equivalent to a 25-story building.
To achieve this record, its roots must continuously delve deep into the earth, surpassing the usual boundaries to reach water sources inaccessible to other trees.
The results are always worth the effort, as by constantly surpassing our own limits, we can reach unimaginable milestones.


Bromeliads are a unique plant species with captivating colors that can mesmerize or entice any creature.

Their beauty is the most terrifying aspect, as it is vastly different from the ferocity or strangeness of other dangers. This ring symbolizes our unique imprint - as humans - in a challenging life.
It represents the most powerful weapon we possess when facing difficulties and challenges. Unleash the hidden courage and overcome all obstacles, like a solitary warrior in the Amazon rainforest.

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