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The "HIT" collections at HELIOS GLOBAL - Fashion Jewelry for Men – Helios Global

The "HIT" collections at HELIOS GLOBAL - Fashion Jewelry for Men

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The 4 "HIT" collections at Helios are the most prominent collections and have been well-received by a large number of Helios Global customers due to the significance of each collection and exclusive designs that are one-of-a-kind in the world.

Let's take a look at the 4 outstanding collections that have been selling in large quantities at HeliosGlobal!

1. THE AMAZON COLLECTION - Unleashing hidden strength

The AMAZON Collection at Helios Global draws inspiration from the survival journey of creatures in the Amazon jungle. The Amazon rainforest is still a wild place, where the most unexpected and terrifying dangers in the world exist. It contains many mysteries and harsh life that push humans to the limit of endurance.

The creative minds at Helios have created the AMAZON collection with the meaning of "awakening your hidden courage to confront adversity." When we explore our own tough and sharp qualities, even in the face of challenges, we can confidently rise up and overcome everything.

This time, the collection introduces 15 new designs, including rings, bracelets, and necklaces meticulously crafted to feature iconic elements of the Amazon rainforest such as eagles, snakes, trees, spiders, crocodiles, waterfalls... Especially, the unique and easy-to-mix-and-match designs of the rings have particularly resonated with our customers, allowing for effortless mix and match styling.

2. THE LOTUS COLLECTION - Fusion of Elegance

The LOTUS collection is inspired by the intersection of the delicate image of the lotus flower from the East and the rebellious Gothic art from the West.

"Strong and edgy, yet deeply soft and graceful" is the meaning that Helios Global wants to convey about the lifestyle to its customers.

Each product design in the LOTUS collection embodies a sense of strong individuality hidden in gentleness, making it one of the collections cherished by KOLs and especially Helios customers.

3. THE  ATLANTIS COLLECTION - Unveiling Mysteries

Based on the enigmatic civilization of Atlantis, a realm of abundant knowledge that remains undiscovered, is also a sacred land that has been submerged and buried at the bottom of the sea due to the wrath of the divine through a great deluge.

The ATLANTIS collection combines the legendary empire with the spirit of personalization, with the meaning of "Devote your entire life to explore new lands. It is not just about discovery, but also a way to explore new potentials within yourself!"

The designs feature mythical creatures like sea monsters, octopuses, the vast sea, and grandiose ships, alongside explorers, sailors, and compasses symbolizing the pursuit of these mysterious lands.

4. THE BUSHIDO COLLECTION - Embracing Values

Bushido is known as a system of ethical rules and daily living principles that medieval Japanese samurai warriors must adhere to: loyalty, sacrifice, integrity, ritual, sincerity, simplicity, frugality, martial arts, honor, benevolence, etc.

Today, Bushido also means that individuals should remain loyal to their ruler, be respectful to their parents, be self-disciplined, compassionate to those below them, tolerant towards enemies, abstain from personal desires, be upright and just, and especially prioritize honor over material possessions.

Since ancient times, the Japanese people have believed that images such as Mount Fuji, Koi fish, and turbulent waves symbolize the determination, strong will, and relentless efforts of Samurai warriors. With inspiration drawn from these concepts, the rings in the BUSHIDO collection have been meticulously crafted by Helios Global and have attracted significant attention from customers.

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