What does S925 mean?

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One of the most common notations you will see in the world of silver jewelry is s925. Fine jewelry terminology can be a bit confusing when you’re first learning about it.

What exactly are karats, you may ask. Or, what are the 4 Cs? Buying nice jewelry is an investment and any smart shopper wants to know how to spot quality, if they are being price gouged, or if their new favorite piece is made to last.

So let’s break down one of the most vague notations to the uninitiated: What exactly does s925 mean?


What does s925 mean on a ring?

When shopping for silver rings and other pieces of silver jewelry you may see a small stamp on the inside, and if you look closely, it may read s925 or 925.

This stamp means the piece is made of sterling silver, or in other words, the metal is 92.5% pure.

This is the real deal! 

Is s925 Silver Good?

While 92.5% of the ring is silver, the other 7.5% is typically copper, or some other strong metal like nickel or zinc, used to make the metal durable and flexible enough to shape it into the wearable jewelry you know and love.

This 92.5% composition is the silver standard in the United States and most other countries to denote high-quality silver. 925 silver is one of the most popular metals in the world for fine jewelry and is renowned for being stylish and safe to wear, even for those with allergies or skin sensitivities.

What Is The Difference Between s925 & 925?

There is no difference between silver that is labeled as s925 or 925 — both of these stamps designate that piece of jewelry as high-quality sterling silver. 

You may also see sterling silver stamped with things like “sterling,” “ss” or “ster,” which can also be used to indicate they meet that 92.5% purity standard.

When shopping for jewelry it is wise to look for one of these markings and to ask the jeweler if the piece you are eyeing is made of 925 silver before purchasing. 

Is S925 Sterling Silver Real?

Sterling silver labeled with s925 is absolutely real silver jewelry.

Your sterling silver ringpendant, or bracelet will last a lifetime if well taken care of. You should wear your silver jewelry often, as it reacts well to your skin’s natural oils, and clean it gently with jewelry polish when it tarnishes.

Tarnish is natural for silver and unavoidable, but with real sterling silver it is also true that you can easily clean your pieces and keep them fresh.

On certain pieces, the effect of tarnishing (where your silver turns a slightly darker, blackened hue) can give it a rugged, well-worn look you may find appealing.

Wrapping up

Sterling silver is one of the most popular metals for men’s rings and jewelry. It is versatile, relatively affordable, and attractive in polished or matte finishes.

Checking for a s925 label is an easy way to make sure you are investing in not only style but quality.

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