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What kind of earrings should be worn with big ears? – Helios Global

What kind of earrings should be worn with big ears?

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Earrings are always the ideal accessory to elevate different outfits, but what kind of earrings are for those with big ears? In the content of the article below, we will help you answer this question, please follow along.

  1. Choose earrings for a big ears type

What earrings should people with large ears choose? This is a question that many of you are interested in, here are some types of earrings that are suitable for people with ears that you can choose from such as:

Large stud earrings

A pair of small earrings will be overshadowed on large ears, so the only way is to wear earrings containing studs or gems, which will definitely highlight your ears. However, you should not choose the ones with too big stones, because it will make your ears bigger and heavier.

Lobe Huggers

This is a model that hugs the earlobe closely, giving your earlobe a good feeling of protection, and also makes your ears look smaller and helps expressing your own personality.

Double circle earrings

If you love round earrings but want to try something more unique, you can choose the double round earrings. Wearing an earring with two circles hanging below the ear will help your earlobes be less big and look more attractive.

Open circle earring for jacket earring

Perfect for those with large ears, this earring features a minimalistic geometry featuring two open circles along with one of the circles located on the top of the earlobe, where the larger circle is. enclose the smaller circle from behind. Wearing these earrings will help the wearer's ears look smaller.

2. Important factors to choose earrings when you have big ears

When choosing earrings for people with large ears, you also need to pay attention to these following important factors:

  • Size of earrings/earlobes: When choosing earrings for people with large ears, small earrings are not ideal. Because they will be submerged in large ears, you should instead choose earrings with large earlobes to get a more balanced look for the ears.
  • Weight distribution: To prevent your earlobes from being stretched, choose the right weighted earrings.
  • Coverage for the earlobe: It is advisable to choose earrings that cover the earlobe and hug your entire earlobe, thus helping to make your ears less large.
  • Earplugs: You should choose bullet or disc-shaped earplugs for an extra comfortable earpad, making wearing earrings more comfortable.
  • Materials used to make earrings: Should choose earrings made from materials such as silver, gold, titanium, .., avoid choosing earrings made from poor materials, because it can cause your ears to be allergic, itchy, or infected.

3. Where to buy earrings for people with big ears?

If you are looking to buy an individual, unique and quality earring, you can choose Helios. At Helios, the earring products are carefully crafted, with a variety of eye-catching and novel designs, you will feel completely worth it when you make a purchase at Helios.

Moreover, Helios' staff has a professional working style, you will be consulted in a thoughtful and dedicated way. So, if you have any questions that need to be answered, please send a message to Helios' mailbox for more specific advice.

The above article is about sharing information about what earrings should be worn, hopefully can provide you with more useful information and through which those with big ears can choose earrings that satisfy you.

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