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THE PERPETUAL TRIDENT Pendant Helios – Helios Global
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Material: S925 Silver


Designer's story: The Perpetual Trident pendant is engraved in the shape of the three-pronged trident on the logo of "The Red Devils of Manchester."

The three prongs represent the pride and determination in every match, the quest to regain glory, and the spirit of unity, all coming together as a comprehensive symbol of the team's spirit and strength.

The clasp of the strap is also engraved with the MU team logo, combined with Black Silver-plated to enhance its prominence and ruggedness. Crafted from solid Silver S925, each detail is meticulously polished by skilled craftsmen at Helios.

+ Helios Global - a handcrafted jewelry brand manufactured and designed by the most skilled jewelers.

+ All of our jewelry products come with a lifetime warranty.

Note: Custom Printed Packaging Box - Style and Personality - Only at Helios Global

On the lid of packaging box, we will print sincere expressions of gratitude, best wishes, names, quotes, and more, according to your request.

We believe that this will make the box a unique item to accompany you through the years or a meaningful gift for your loved ones and friends.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Keven Bayer

My first piece of Helios Global and I love it

Dominic Wilkinson

Very impressed with it, love it and am going to be wearing this pendant alot

Silas Runolfsson

I would recommend to anyone, also arrived quickly

Max Kiehn

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and workmanship of this piece. Looking forward to adding on to the collection in the near future.

Crystal Lubowitz

Will 100% be adding more items to my basket and collection soon.

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