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Archangel Michael Pendant Helios – Helios Global
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Archangel Michael Pendant Helios

Size: Size M (2,5 x 2,5), Size L (3,5 x 3,5)

Saint Michael is the head of the Archangel ranks.

During the war in Heaven, he was the one who led the angelic forces to defeat Satan and the rebel angels, personally expelling Satan to Hell.

He appears as a great warrior, holding a fiery sword to defend the entire universe from negativity and evil.

Inspired by Michael's strong and courageous image, a new pendant named 'Michael' is created.

The craftsmanship not only symbolizes justice and courage, but also shows a fierce will in resisting all temptations and intrusions from the outside.

+ Helios Global - a handcrafted jewelry brand manufactured and designed by the most skilled jewelers.

+ All of our jewelry products come with a lifetime warranty.

Note: Custom Printed Packaging Box - Style and Personality - Only at Helios Global On the lid of packaging box, we will print sincere expressions of gratitude, best wishes, names, quotes, and more, according to your request.

We believe that this will make the box a unique item to accompany you through the years or a meaningful gift for your loved ones and friends.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews

Great quality

Lacy Dare

Excellent quality and very cool!
High level quality and delivery super quick!
Worth purchasing.

Kaya Jacobs

Perfect weight and the pendant design is bold and a statement! Had many people ask about it since buying!

Faustino Bayer

Love this necklace! Got my dad one as well and he agrees 100%

Quinn Kuvalis

Good quality. Comes from Australia so expect a couple weeks to get the item.

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