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A Guide to Choosing and Wearing Cross Earrings for Men – Helios Global

A Guide to Choosing and Wearing Cross Earrings for Men

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Cross earrings have been a fashion staple for centuries and a top trend in today’s fashion-forward world. Most people wear this crest to showcase their commitment to their Christian faith. Some Christians also believe that wearing a cross can protect them from perils and enemies. The simplicity of this religious symbol imbues your jewelry with elegance and meaning. It's the perfect way to dress up any ensemble in a subtle yet beautiful manner. Whatever your taste, there's a piece of cross earring to match your preference.

What's the Significance and Origins of Cross Earrings?

Any Christian earrings with a cross or crucifix prominently featured is considered cross earrings. They make for popular gifts on Christian rites such as baptism, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation.

The ancient Egyptians are some of the first credited with the use of the symbol because of their looped "Ankh" cross. To them, it stood for life and fertility. But the most widespread use of the symbol dates back to when the Romans converted to Christianity. In the early days, crosses were heavy and ornate, made with bones, wood, or pieces of stone. The lowercase "t" shape of the emblem represents the wooden post upon which Jesus was crucified.

Many Christians wear cross earrings as a symbol of love, sacrifice and to celebrate their faith. There's also a belief that wearing a cross or crucifix can shield you from evil and dangers. Many non-Christians also wear cross earrings as a fashion accessory. Cross-adorned artifacts have a deeply religious and spiritual meaning, and they also add a dash of elegance to your look. No matter what it means to you, the cross has been a classic and beloved earrings choice for generations.


Whether it’s dangling cross earrings for men or cross hoop earrings, many types make it easy for you to refresh your look and showcase your unique style. From simple studs to blinged-out, sterling silver cross earrings that you can see from jewelry stores, each of men's cross earrings is made from nickel-free metal to be hypoallergenic and safe to wear.

Check out magnetic cross earrings if you don’t have pierced ears. These are perfect for putting on after work or on the weekend – no holes required. And if you’re a guy searching for a pair of cross earrings with a more gothic look… jewelry stores got those too. And hipsters, it's a great ideal for you. Shop the entire collection of cross earrings for guys and find the pair that best tells your story.


A cross or a crucifix ties closely to Jesus Christ and the values of Christianity. You can still wear cross earrings even if you're not religious, but be sure you're comfortable doing so. Whether or not you're of the faith, cross earrings add a nice touch to your ensemble, although wearing it as a religious symbol certainly adds more value to this accessory.

To many, cross earrings make a bold statement, but they also spell loads of class and timelessness. The best thing about them is that they come in all sorts of sizes, designs, materials, and colors. With them, you have the liberty to choose as many designs as you prefer, and to wear them as often as you like. Remember to buy good quality as you do not want to replace them every now and then, and you definitely do not want to suffer any adverse reactions to the same.

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