What is a good size for men’s hoop earrings?

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A pair of hoop earrings goes with just about any outfit, but its size impacts your style. What’s more, figuring out the perfect size can be challenging.The perfect size will not only complement your facial features but also make a statement without being too flashy.

Whether you’re looking for lobe huggers or shoulder grazers, our guide will help you find the perfect hoop earrings that match your personal style.

Personal preference and face shape

So, what is a good size for men's hoop earrings? The answer depends on personal preference and face shape. For a more understated look, go for smaller hoops with a diameter of 10-14mm. These sizes are perfect for everyday wear and can be paired with any outfit.

If you want to make a bolder statement, larger hoops with a diameter of 16-20mm can add a touch of drama to your look. These sizes work well for special occasions or when you want to add a bit of edge to your style.

For those with larger facial features or facial hair, it's best to stick with larger hoop sizes to balance out the proportions. A diameter of 20-25mm can work well for these individuals.

The thickness of the earring itself

One thing to keep in mind when choosing the size of your hoop earrings is the thickness of the earring itself. Thicker hoops may look better in larger sizes, while thinner hoops can work well in smaller sizes. It's also important to consider the material of the earring. Hoops made of heavier materials such as gold or silver may feel uncomfortable in larger sizes, while lightweight materials like titanium or stainless steel can be worn in larger sizes without weighing down your earlobe.

The occasion

Another factor to consider is the occasion. If you're looking for a pair of hoop earrings for everyday wear, smaller sizes are typically more versatile and can be worn with a variety of outfits. However, if you're attending a special event or want to make a bold fashion statement, larger hoop earrings can be a great choice.

In conclusion, the perfect size for men's hoop earrings depends on personal preference, face shape, and occasion. Whether you prefer smaller hoops for everyday wear or larger hoops for special occasions, there is a size and style that can work for any man. With the right size and material, men's hoop earrings can be a unique and stylish addition to any jewelry collection.

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