Do men wear earrings on the left or right?

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Initially piercing and earrings were something that only females could get. Any sort of jewelry was reserved for women in general. However, times have changed and so does fashion. One thing that is similar between time and fashion is that they both change. Soon men started wearing jewelry as well, but to our surprise, men wearing jewelry like earrings is not something new. 

If we look back into the pages of history we will find out that emperors used to wear jewelry as well, and they were not limited to just earrings but rings, necklaces, bracelets, and much more. But when the modern era adopted the culture of men piercing it was viewed as something only a gay would do. 

But hold up, is there something like gay ear piercing and straight ear piercing? 

Does one need to change the piercing side just to prove their sexuality? 

We will discuss: As a man, do you wear your earring on the left or right?

Which Side Is The Gay Ear?

Several gay men followed suit, often wearing a single piece of jewelry in their right ear to signal their sexual preference.

In the 1990s, a phenomenon known as the gay earring was introduced, which meant that if you wore an earring in your right ear, you were gay. According to T Magazine, “the right ear has always been the one for gay men.” For many years, earrings on men have served as a symbol of social status or religious beliefs. The male earring has lost its sexual appeal and has become an annoyance to middle-aged, late-century puritans for no apparent reason. Cooper Gelb, a 21-year-old Chicago writer, isn’t familiar with the rumor. Gayness has a variety of different nonverbal signal languages, but earrings fall under the category of “not really one of them.” According to Gelb, today’s piercings are more associated with fashion than sexuality. 

Which Side Do Straight Guys Wear Earrings?

Straight men wear it in the traditional sense. It does matter, though, as it has probably been for a long time.

Most straight men in the 1980s wore only one earring, and that earring was on the left side. Those are the only two codes that many people follow today. In the event that danger arises, a piercing on the right ear was recommended. An earring in the left ear is said to represent the death of the person who wears one, as is the belief in an ancient Chinese belief.

While there is no definitive answer to this question, there are a few schools of thought on the matter. Some believe that gay men tend to wear earrings in their left ear as a way of indicating their sexual orientation, much like how a wedding ring is worn on the left hand to indicate marriage. Others believe that there is no correlation between earring placement and sexual orientation, and that it is simply a matter of personal preference. Still others believe that the answer may vary depending on the individual, and that some gay men may wear earrings in their left ear while others may not. Ultimately, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to whether or not gay men wear earrings in their left ear. It is simply a matter of personal preference, and there is no correct way to wear them.

How do you wear earrings as a man?

When it comes to wearing earrings, it's important to choose earrings that match your look and that you feel comfortable in. A great pair of earrings can complete your outfit.

Match your earrings to the occasion:

  • Your earrings should complement the outfit.
  • Casual clothing? Match with colorful, funky earrings to complete your outfit. 
  • Business attire? Wear subtle designs such as small studs in subtle colors.

Consider the proportion:

  • Earrings for men are usually small and subtle, but should always be proportional to your body.
  • Too large or heavy earrings look out of balance both physically and in style. 

We live in a very liberal 21st century, but we will all agree that some of the beliefs from the past decades live on and though the idea of piercing modes is not limited to one demographic, knowing what earrings in your left ear or the right actually means is important.

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