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The Best Men's Earring Styles – Helios Global

The Best Men's Earring Styles

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Men’s earrings are having a fashion resurgence, and it’s more acceptable than ever for a guy to be sporting some ear bling. Whether you have your ears pierced already, are contemplating taking the plunge, or are looking for something less permanent, there is an option for you. Choose from studs and hoops to more bold novelty earrings or tunnels. The key to making this trend work is getting the earrings right for your personal style and the occasion.

Ready to dive into the world of men’s earrings? Here are the main types you’ll come across on your hunt for cool ear bling.


Studs are the most basic earring type and it is likely what you’ll receive when you first get pierced. The defining feature of stud earrings is that they have a straight post which goes through the ear, and a clasp at the back to secure it. As such, it’s an excellent choice for beginners. However, just because it’s a basic style, doesn’t mean it’s boring. Studs come in all shapes and sizes and are made of any material from white gold and sterling silver, to surgical plastic and platinum. Keep it pared back with a simple silver ball or understated triangle, or opt for something dressier like a diamond or sapphire-centered crown.


Hoop earrings might be a little bit more adventurous than the simple stud, but they’re also very wearable and versatile earrings for men. Plus, they can be a little bit more comfortable as they sit flat against your neck. This also means you can sleep in them easier. Regarding styles, go full pirate-life and embrace a big hoop. Alternatively, a mid-size and thickness hoop in gold or silver adds a dash of charming roguishness. Look for earrings called ‘Huggies’ if you prefer something more subtle. These are smaller and thicker hoops that sit very close to your earlobe. Finally, sleepers are a thin, modest style that doesn’t draw too much attention, and, as per the name, are great for wearing while you sleep. Get a pair of aptly named ‘sleeper’ earrings (designed so they can be worn at night), and you never have to take them out.


The punchiest of the men’s earring options, this one requires the most sartorial bravery or inclination to peacock. There are endless styles and options when it comes to dangly earrings. You could choose to wear a simple cross, silver chains, or go full extravagant with feathers and pearls. Take Johnny Depp, who has worn drop dangle earrings since way before it was necessary to add the prefix ‘problematic’ to his name. Or look to an ’80s Rob Lowe and, more recently, Snoop Dogg, for inspiration. However, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when it comes to dangly earrings. The first is that some styles can be heavy. As such, prolonged wear can eventually stretch the hole in your lobe. Additionally, because it’s a more embellished look, it may not be appropriate for all situations, such as work.


Gentlemen who are keen on wearing earrings, but aren’t ready or don’t want to commit to an actual piercing will appreciate clip-on earrings, which are just as stylish with way less commitmentIt’s also the perfect solution for workplaces that don’t allow men to have pierced ears. These products provide an incredible level of versatility and can emulate most other regular earring styles. Clip-ons can come in a huge range of shapes and styles, making them suitable for pretty much any occasion. The one downside is that you may experience slight discomfort after wearing clip-on earrings for a while, as they pinch the earlobes to stay on.


Another alternative to putting an actual hole in your ear are magnetic earrings. These are virtually the same as clip-ons in the sense that they can be worn without a piercing, but work with a magnetic back and front. Simply line the earring up on your lobe and let the magnets do the rest.

This type of earring for men generally works best with the stud style, but you’ll find the occasional dangly magnetic earring, too. Just make sure not to pick anything too heavy, or you run the risk of revealing your secret as the earring may begin to slip off your ear.


Novelty earrings are a fun way to add a statement accessory to your outfit, and with so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find a pair (or two) that will fit your style and help you stand out in a crowd.

Novelty earrings can range from bright neon shapes circling your ear, to dangling daggers or a hoop with cartoon animal hanging from it. The best part about novelty earrings is that there are no rules. Simply pick a pair that speaks to you and let the rest fall into place.


Gold earrings look far too regal to ever be punky, but they do lend themselves to a romantic, vintage look – think Lord Byron reclining on a sofa. A gold hoop also looks surprisingly good with sportswear. Don’t ask us why. We don’t make the rules.


Silver – along with platinum and white gold – jewelry works well for all kinds of cool earrings. It can look sleek, punky and also lend itself to a hippyish aesthetic. Fun fact: sailors traditionally wore silver earrings as a way to pay for their burial were they to die at sea and wash ashore on a strange land.

If you’re new to body bling, men’s silver hoop earrings are a great starting point as a stylish, easy-to-wear, goes-with-everything option.

How to choose earrings for your style

Consider your style

It is essential to consider your style and your choice of jewelry when shopping for earrings. Consider what you wear every day before getting an earring. You can also select earrings based on a specific event.

Consider your face shape

Earrings can flatter your face shape and enhance your natural beauty. Consider your face shape and choose earrings that highlight your best features and balance any imperfections.

Consider your skin tone

Earrings can also complement your skin tone. Gold earrings might be better if you have warm skin tones. You can wear silver earrings if you have a cool skin tone.

Experiment with different styles 

Do not be afraid to try on a range of earrings and see which ones look and feel the best on you. You can mix and match earrings to create a more unique and personal look. For example, pair different earrings together, such as a stud earring on one ear and a hoop earring on the other. This can add interest and variety to your look and allows you to experiment with different styles and combinations.

Earrings are a terrific way to express your style and add a touch of flair to your ensemble. They can be worn for any occasion, from formal events to casual everyday wear, and they look fabulous no matter the setting. This article has highlighted some of the best earrings for men. 

Start browsing the earring selection here at Helios Global, where we have earrings for all shapes, sizes, and budgets! If you keep these things in mind as you shop around, you’re bound to find a pair of earrings that will suit perfectly! 

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