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Lotusgot Cap Helios – Helios Global
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Lotusgot Cap

A classic cap with the Lotusgot charm is exclusive in Helios, makes you stand out when walking down the street, going out, to school, hanging out or traveling.There are numerous sturdy seam holding the layers of the hat together.
The cap can shield the wearer from bad weather conditions including hot sun, light rain, or whirlwind.

- Standard Cap Form, sharp seam

- Material: durable cotton fabric

- Bronze lock: No rusting like iron lock

- Black color: easy to match outfits

 + Helios Global - a handcrafted jewelry brand manufactured and designed by the most skilled jewelers.
+ All of our jewelry products come with a lifetime warranty.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
April Ondricka

The lotus flower embroidery makes this cap unique and elegant. I get compliments on it all the time

Brock Hegmann

I wear this cap almost every day. The lotus flower design is subtle yet eye-catching, and the fabric is breathable

Nella Stehr

I wear it with different outfits, and the lotus flower embroidery always looks good

Beverly Cole

The design of this cap is elegant and simple. The lotus flower embroidery is subtle yet adds a lot of character

Elinor Muller

The cap fits perfectly.

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