How to style: Pinky Rings for Men

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While the popularity of different types of rings can vary over time, it is true that the pinky ring has gained popularity as a fashionable accessory for men in recent years. The pinky ring is typically worn on the little finger, also known as the pinky finger, and it can indeed add flair and personality to a man's look.

Despite their popularity, you might be unsure if a pinky ring is right for you. Will it look gaudy on you? Will it harmonize with your personal style? Should you wear a pinky ring at all?

1. What Is a Pinky Ring? 

A pinky ring is a type of ring that is worn on the little finger, also known as the pinky finger. It is typically smaller in size compared to other rings and is worn on the hand's outermost finger. Pinky rings can be worn by both men and women, although they have historically been more commonly associated with men.

Pinky rings can come in a variety of styles and employ a variety of metals and stones. Pinky rings also function well with a variety of outfits and are therefore an extremely popular ring type in contemporary menswear. There are almost as many kinds of pinky rings as there are pinkies in the world, so if you want to wear a pinky ring, it is likely that one will suit your personal look.

2. The History of the Pinky Ring
Prince Charles and Tony Soprano, the Duke of Windsor and the Godfather, they're all united in their steadfast devotion to the pinky ring.
Like all jewelry, men's pinky rings are status symbols with roots that stretch back forever. Even Pliny the Elder, in his magnum opus Natural History, mused on the uses of the accessory, that some wear all their rings on their smallest finger while others choose a single pinky ring as a daily substitute for a more valuable signet ring, "a rarity not deserving the insult of common use," he wrote, adding, "Thus even wearing a single ring on the little finger may advertise the possession of a costlier piece of apparatus put away in store."
During the Victorian era pinky rings became fashionable among British nobility thanks to Queen Victoria's sons, who took cues from the Germans and began stacking their wedding and signet rings on their left pinky, starting a long royal tradition that has continued to this day (see: Prince Charles). The trend found its way across the pond, too, most notably with Franklin Delano Roosevelt, whose pinky ring game was so on point it impressed Winston Churchill.
And while there are still those who undoubtedly love to flash a pinky signet ring as status symbol, the tides are turning. "Now men are leaning more towards wearing chunky pinky rings as fashion statements," says jeweler Briony Raymond. "There's something about having a ring on the pinky that lends one's gestures and mannerisms a more intentional flair. It can embolden a man."
3. Why You Should Wear a Pinky Ring
You Want To!
Ultimately, pinky rings should be worn for the same reason that you wear most of your other clothes and accessories: because you like them and you want to express your own style. Pinky rings come in such a wide range of styles, colors, and options that you will be able to find an example that ties in with your look, no matter what it might be.

An Unexpected and Accessible Accessory
Keep in mind that not many other men are wearing pinky rings, so it’s an easy way to set you apart from others. There are also no mechanical parts, so you don’t have to service them like a watch, and at the same time, they’re less expensive than many wristwatches. Pinky rings also harmonize with any dress code on the formality scale.

An Excellent Entre to Men’s Jewelry
Because many modern cultures discourage men from wearing jewelry, you might find it difficult to start doing so. Fortunately, pinky rings are an excellent way to ease yourself into this exciting sphere of menswear, providing an opportunity to experiment with a unique and creative accessory that is still a timeless and popular example of men’s jewelry.
Unlock the secrets to rocking pinky rings for men with our comprehensive styling guide. Whether you're aiming to make a fashion statement or add a touch of sophistication to your look, our expert tips and insights will help you navigate the world of pinky rings with confidence. Discover the perfect ring, incorporate it into your personal style, and make a lasting impression with this unique accessory.
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